Technical Architect

Fredericton, New Brunswick, ca
Company: Cynet Systems
Published on 2021-02-03 09:01:01

Job Description:

The following Solution Architecture deliverables will be the responsibility of the candidate:

Consideration for managed services and cloud services will always be the preferred option.
The successful candidate will be responsible for the evolution of the above deliverables throughout the solution acquisition, planning, design, development/configuration, and implementation phases of the project.
The successful candidate will also be called on to support Innovation and eHealth as it relates to digital health solutions and not be limited to the deliverables highlighted above.

Solution Requirements:

Solution requirements include functional and non-functional requirements needed to support the MyHealthNB solution within the context of eHealthNB and ACCESS Gateway.

Solution Architecture:

Solution Architecture is the blueprint schematic of the MyHealthNB solution and alignment of eHealthNB and ACCESS Gateway.
The Solution Architecture should include the proposed layout of the various critical and ancillary components that make up the solution.

Technical Standards:

Technical Standards will drive industry best practice and best of breed solutions to support MyHealthNB and other Innovation and eHealth solutions.
This could include but is not limited to standards for communication, integration, and networking standards for MyHealthNB specifically and other Innovation and eHealth solutions.
MyHealthNB technical standards need to align with ACCESS Gateway and eHealthNB standards.

Enterprise Architecture Principals:

Guiding principals for the MyHealthNB solution will help guide the selection of incorporated packages and component specifications.

Mandatory skills:

A University degree in Computer Science or Information Technology is preferred but an equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.
A minimum of twenty (20) years of IM/IT experience.
A minimum of eight (8) or more years of demonstrated experience as a lead Technical Architect on medium to large complex system development or COTS implementation projects.
Medium to Large complex projects are those that
Cross multiple business units and / or organizations.
Involve multiple direct project participants (i.e. more than 8).
Operate for an extended period (i.e. more than 9 months).
Involves dealing with business transformation issues as well as technical issues.

Scored requirements:

The Technical Architect shall have a demonstrated capability of managing a team of specialists, technical analysts, or programmers on information technology development projects (10 Years).
The Technical Architect should have demonstrated experience leading technical design and technical requirements gathering sessions and experience in the review of existing systems, technology, and solutions and performing technical and solution due diligence (10 Years).
The Technical Architect should have demonstrated experience in the development of Technical deliverables identified under Section deliverables (10 Years).
Demonstrated experience in delivering enterprise managed service organization and processes that can be applied to several clients (5+ Years).
Demonstrated experience standing up and delivering maintenance teams for intra-provincial solutions, providing experience on maintainability and long-term lifecycles that extend beyond initial implementation (5+ years).
Extensive solution analysis and delivery experience, including solution evaluation (custom vs COTS vs adapted COTS) (5+ years).
Demonstrated experience in transformational projects acting as a solution architect with proven capabilities mentoring technical teams (10+ years).
Demonstrated experience working with a provincial health department in a Canadian jurisdiction.
Demonstrated experience working with Identity and Access Management Solutions is considered an asset.
Demonstrated competency in communication skills (written and oral).
Bilingual French preferred, but not required. (10+ years).

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