Advancement Campaign Liaison (Student Position)

Ottawa, Ontario, ca
Company: Algonquin College - Manufacturing Engineering Technician Program
Category: Marketing
Published on 2021-04-27 19:40:39

Job Description:

The job assignment's purpose is to support the launch of an integrated marketing campaign pilot and help collect evidence-based data points from the College's alumni and donors. This assignment's findings will inform the Advancement Division's external relations strategy and align its direction with the public launch of Algonquin College's new strategic plan in 2022. 

The Advancement Division was established in late 2019 when the College dissolved its externally governed Foundation. The Division is committed to ensuring that all College students have the opportunity to transform their hopes and dreams into lifelong success. With over 200,000 graduates, our team develops programs and initiatives that allow the College to earn the right to ask for alumni and donor support. As a Polytechnique community college and a registered charity, the College also focuses on serving industry needs and seeking philanthropic donations. 

This assignment will provide one student with the opportunity to gain meaningful, hands-on experience that will support their program learning outcomes and help ensure a successful transition into employment after graduation. The individual will be an active and contributing member of the Advancement team and is responsible for implementing an integrated marketing campaign pilot initiative. The person must be familiar with differentiated marketing strategies and understand the importance of communication best-practices, including brand guidelines. The job assignment will provide the individual with real experiences that mirror class assignments, simulation tools and case studies. The job provides an opportunity to apply subject knowledge and technical skills in a professional environment. More specifically, the work reinforces concepts often found in marketing, communications and public relations curriculums, such as:

  • Marketing Research. The individual will gain experience with a student-caller program, including telephone calls with lapsed donors to learn about their needs and how the College can re-engage them. Qualitative data will be collected and reviewed. 

  • Digital Marketing. The individual will support the Alumni & Friends Network's social media content with clearly identified objectives and metrics. Quantitative data will be collected and reviewed.

  • Marketing Communications and Promotions. The individual will support promotional collateral for the College's 2021 Alumni of Distinction Awards and signature alumni and donor outreach programs. Both qualitative and quantitative data will be considered.

  • The individual will be implementing and evaluating marketing initiatives, conducting primary market research, serving as an ambassador for an organization with over 2,000 employees, 20,000 students and 200,000 alumni, and developing personal and professional development strategies to enhance their teamwork and leadership expertise. 

    Required Qualifications:

  • Interpersonal skills when working with internal colleagues and external stakeholder;

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in print and electronic platforms;

  • Strong project management skills;

  • Advanced computer skills in various applications including Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, etc.) and database management;

  • Confidence in their theoretical learnings and the ability to apply those in real-life scenarios;

  • Professionalism, creativity, and problem-solving skills;

  • Good active listening skills when speaking with stakeholders.

  • The successful incumbent must also meet the 2021 Summer Employment Opportunities (SEO) requirements:

  • Student incumbent must be eligible to work in Canada;

  • Incumbent must be a current student or enrolled for the fall 2021 in a secondary or postsecondary institution, or within six months of graduation;

  • Student incumbent must live in Ontario during their work term.

  • The position will be paid at $14.25 per hour.

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